MATLAB: Connecting matlab output to simulink input. How to

connect matlab to simulinkhow to

Hi, Me and my friend were working on a project where I have developed pre part in matlab code and my friend has done his part in Simulink. Now I want to connect my output to his Simulink diagram's input port. Can anyone help me or guide me?
My output consists of 4 values, temperature, velocity, NH3 and NO concentrations which represents exhaust. While that output will be fed to his model as input where he created a model which will further optimize the output which is coming from my model.

Best Answer

Hi kul
I think you need to:
1- use "From Workspace" in the simulink part. This blok helps you to take the value from the workspace. So you can put the name of your varaibles in this block.
2- use the matlab command "sim" at the end of your code to run the simulink. (check matlab help to know how to use it. It is simple)
3- Run your code.
Enjoy it :)