[Math] Linear algebra or trigonometry?

linear algebratrigonometry

Im currently learning game development but math is preventing me to go farther. So i decided to take a course in khan academy. But im kinda confuse, Should i take trigonometry first or the linear algebra? Im a little slow learner so they will take some time thats why i want to know what should i take first? I had a trigo subject back then but havent applied it to any programming before so i forgot it. Now i want to start new again. There are many code on the net to solve problems in game dev especially in math problems but i want to learn and understand it. SO can someone guide me? Thanks

Best Answer

Linear algebra is usually taken up by math and science majors on their junior or senior years. Meanwhile trigonometry can be taught in high school. You can re-learn your trigonometry first, then take a more serious linear algebra course.

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