Combining display of points and polygons in QGIS


Using QGIS 3.20, I am plotting a number of events with corresponding uncertainty ellipses, having one layer with the points and one layer with the ellipses (although both are stored in the same table in postgis). I would like to have this plotted with the newest data on the top. But if I put the ellipses as the upper layer, the oldest ellipses will obscure the newest event points – or the other way around. I tried to fake it by ignoring the events and plot the ellipses with centroid fill. This works relatively well when displaying large areas, but when I am zooming in closer, the calculated centroides starts to jump around (the dataset is in lat lon, but the project is in ETRS89 Lambert Azimutal).

Is it somehow possible to either combine points and polygons in one data set (I guess not) or is it possible somehow to order the plotting so that I get oldest points and oldest ellipses at the bottom and newest points and newest ellipses on the top?

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Regarding the feature ordering part of your question, you can control that using the control feature rendering order option in the style

enter image description here

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