[Tex/LaTex] xwatermark package: help using small caps and putting watermark on top of text


Hi in the linked question I asked how best to use AtBegShi to put titles on to of a page as a title. I'm using these as the equivalent of an MS Word textbox at the top of each page that carries the title of the document. Using AtBegShi for labels

  1. I can't figure out how to set the fontseries to \bfseries\scshape and
  2. I can't figure out how to have the watermark print on top of the text rather than behind the graphic image that is the letterhead graphic.

Following @egregs comment below what I want is:

In the final document, the page is a corporate letterhead using wallpaper to set the graphic as the background and covers the first vertical inch of the page. The title will be overlaid on top of the graphic but offset in 0.35 inches and halfway down the graphic. I'm trying to produce the title in \scshape\bfseries. For the first five pages it will be title of the memo followed by a further five pages of specific titles underlying appendices.

The context is a slightly quixotic quest to use latex as my "daily driver production environment" in a corporate environment.

Any help appreciated

MWE that doesn't work and just hangs below. (xwatermark is hanging a lot for me, am I doing something wrong?)


\newwatermark[pages=1-1,scale=0.6,fontseries=b,textcolor=red,xpos=0,ypos=0]{Rhubarb Rhubarb}

\put(0,0){custard custard\\custard custard}


Best Answer

The best solution for what you describing is to use the fancyhdr package. Here is an example, where we place four ornaments at the corners of the page. (Can also be done with TikZ)







enter image description here

The command \put is from LaTeX's picture environment and helps to position the text or a picture. (TikZ will probably be a better choice, if you are going to draw anything fancy). In the example I just used a font with an ornamament.

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