[Tex/LaTex] xelatex -Undefined control sequence


So I am trying to work with this tex file for CV available at http://kjhealy.github.com/kjh-vita/

The only thing I change is the font from pragmata to consolas. 2 problems I get a pdf output, with a tiny "on" at the end of the page plus 12 errors all with the same description in the output:

xelatex! Undefined control sequence

OK so let's decribe the errors in detail(as you might see them upon compiling the above file).

1.Pointer at \ind command in the code---error in output window is the following
xelatex>! undefined control sequence.
xelatex><argument>\scriptsize \VCRevision
xelatex>                       \ on \VCDateTEX
xelatex>l.265 \ind
xelatex>       Kieran Healy.1999.``href{http://www.k........

Could anyone also please let me know how to copy-paste the error details from the output window?

Best Answer

The error is caused by this line:

\rfoot{\texttt{\scriptsize \VCRevision\ on \VCDateTEX}}

\VCRevision and \VCDateTEX belong to the vc package which is for version control. Simply comment out this \rfoot line, or install and use the vc package, use it with


in your preamble.