[Tex/LaTex] wrong with the Beamer preamble


I have a Beamer file that starts




\title{I'm disabled, I'm also abled}
\author{Peter L. Flom}



I am getting errors

    Runaway argument?
\let \AtEndDocument \@firstofone \@enddocumenthook \@checkend {docume\ETC.
! File ended while scanning use of \beamer@collect@@body.
<inserted text> 
<*> Fall2014.tex

I have no idea what this means.

I tried commenting out most of the preamble, but still got errors.


Best Answer

I solved the problem. It was a missing \end{frame} much later in the document.

I think that this error is sufficiently opaque that some documentation that this is one possible reason for it should be on the web somewhere, and no better place than here.

But if the moderators disagree, I will delete the post

Thanks for the help