[Tex/LaTex] Write a word with the \LaTeX style


I would like to know how can I write a text in the same way that \LaTeX is written, I mean the even characters must be a little below the rest or the opposite with the odd characters.

Best Answer

You can define macros for that. Here are the definitions of \LaTeX and \LaTeXe, from ltlogos.dtx, also to be found in latex.ltx:

        {\sbox\z@ T%
         \vbox to\ht\z@{\hbox{\check@mathfonts
  \if b\expandafter\@car\f@series\@nil\boldmath\fi

You could do it similar.

Perhaps also have a look at the list of logos posted by Herbert.

If this looks too complicated: you could build LaTeX macros also using LaTeX commands, such as \raisebox.

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