[Tex/LaTex] Why can’t I get annotations in the bibliography here


Funny, I feel like I had it going before. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong.


  author    = {Bar, Foo},
  title     = {Foo},
  publisher = {Addison-Wesley},
  location  = {Reading, Mass.},
  year      = {1994},
  annote    = {My annotation}

What I want is the "annote" field at the end of the bibliography entry. No idea why it's not working. You can compile with:

latexmk -pdf mwe

If you want to.

Best Answer

The annotation field is ignored by the standard biblatex styles

This field may be useful when implementing a style for annotated bibliographies. It is not used by all standard bibliography styles.

biblatex documentation, p. 15, §2.2.2 Data Fields.

You could use the addendum or note field instead

addendum field (literal): Miscellaneous bibliographic data to be printed at the end of the entry. This is similar to the note field except that it is printed at the end of the bibliography entry.

biblatex documentation, p. 15, §2.2.2 Data Fields.

note field (literal) Miscellaneous bibliographic data which does not fit into any other field. The note field may be used to record bibliographic data in a free format. Publication facts such as “Reprint of the edition London 1831” are typical candidates for the note field.

biblatex documentation, p. 15, §2.2.2 Data Fields.

biblatex-chicago has the annotation option

At the request of Emil Salim, biblatex-chicago-notes has, as of version 0.9, added a package option (see annotation below, section 4.4.3) to allow you to produce annotated bibliographies. The formatting of such a bibliography is currently fairly basic, though it conforms with the Manual’s minimal guidelines (14.59). [...] Please consider the annotation option a work in progress, but it is usable now. (N.B.: The BibTeX field annote serves as an alias for this.)

biblatex-chicago documentation, p. 23, §4.2 Entry Fields.


At the request of Emil Salim, I included in biblatex-chicago the ability to produce annotated bibliographies. If you turn this option on then the contents of your annotation (or annote) field will be printed after the bibliographical reference. (You can also use external files to store annotations – please see biblatex.pdf §3.11.8 for details on how to do this.) This functionality is currently in a beta state, so before you use it please have a look at the documentation for the annotation field.

biblatex-chicago documentation, p. 58, §4.4.3 Style Options – Preamble.

So in your MWE, all you have to do is to load biblatex-chicago with the annotation option




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