[Tex/LaTex] Which fonts that are part of TeXLive have “real small caps”


The TeX font catalogue doesn't allow you to see which fonts have real small caps. Some fonts do not have real small caps (e.g. any of the mathdesign ones). But some do (computer modern and therefore lmodern and cm-super…)

I have restricted this to fonts that come with TeXLive, but I guess answers about other standard LaTeX distributions (MikTeX etc) wouldn't be out of place.

Best Answer

Two fonts with accurately designed small capitals are Palatino (\usepackage[sc]{mathpazo}) and Libertine (\usepackage{libertine}).

No. 2, p. 17 of the 2005 volume of the "TeXnische Komödie" (the journal of the German-speaking TeX community DANTE) includes an article by Ralf Stubner and Walter Schmidt about the design of "real small caps" and oldstyle figures for the Palatino. The text is in German, but see page 21 for a lineup of "real" and "faked" small capitals.