[Tex/LaTex] Which font is the most comfortable for on-screen viewing


It is subjective question. I actually want to put it in the Community Wiki but I cannot find the check box to mark it as a Community Wiki question.

Among fonts listed in The LaTeX font catalogue with math support, which one is the most comfortable to be viewed on the screen?

Best Answer

  1. Well hinted font,
  2. Viewer that correctly interprets hinting,
  3. The font has good math typography,
  4. Sans Serif is usable only for presentations.

That's what Font hinting is. And here is a good example found in Google:

Fully hinted font vs. Non hinted font

And here is a comparison between Adobe Reader (left) and Sumatra PDF (right):

enter image description here

Adobe Reader renders better, even if the font used (CM-Super) doesn't have the best hinting possible.

And here is what good math typography means. Hidden defects in mathdesign Blackboard Bold:

enter image description here

And yes, thats not a defect in the viewer, they print as seen from any reader. That means, it's good to use fonts with proven quality. Not to use something that in the last minute shows its hidden defects.

And finally the Sans Serif math. Can you easily read that? I can't.

enter image description here