[Tex/LaTex] Where is the documentation for the current textcomp package


If I Google for "latex textcomp documentation", the most relevant hit is the CTAN textcomp page, which says:

Note that the pack­age has been adopted as part of the LATEX
dis­tri­bu­tion; the ref­er­ence here is to the orig­i­nal pack­age,
which is now lit­tle used (if at all).

But I cannot seem to find where the official, current, documentation is for the textcomp package that comes with LaTeX. The same goes for a number of other packages, such as fontenc.

Does documentation exist for these packages? Or am I going about this wrong?

Best Answer

The intended user documentation is encguide.pdf as returned by texdoc textcomp. If you want the actual documented source then the file is generated from ltoutenc.dtx in the base latex distribution (the same source as the fontenc package) If you run pdflatex on ltoutenc.dtx (in texmf-dist/doc/latex/base in texlive) then you will get ltoutenc.pdf, this file isn't normally made in the distribution.

Alternatively, as other parts of ltoutenc.dtx are included in the format, you can see the typeset form as chapter l of source2e.pdf so texdoc source2e page 69.