[Tex/LaTex] What’s the quickest way to write “2nd” “3rd” etc in LaTeX


If I want to use abbreviations for second, third and so on in my LaTeX documents, I am currently doing this: 2$^{nd}$ which seems unsatisfactory. Is there a macro I'm missing? I'm sure I could define one myself, and it would be fairly easy. But this looks like something that should already have been covered…

Best Answer

You should not use math, when it is normal text. Use \textsuperscript instead: 2\textsuperscript{nd}. You can also define a shortcut for this, e.g.


Then you could use 2\ts{nd} in the text.

An even nicer solution is to load the package nth with the option super and use the \nth command:

\nth{1}, \nth{2}, \nth{3}, \nth{4}