[Tex/LaTex] What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) for PGF/TikZ


Are there any WYSIWYG editors for PGF/TikZ? Perhaps something similar to LyX but for PGF/TikZ?

If there is no WYSIWYG editor for this tandem, is there one perhaps that allows the user to easily generate PGF/TikZ templates?

Alternatively, how can I most easily generate PFG/TikZ code from a visual conception? Do people mostly code their PGF/TikZ graphics from scratch?

Best Answer

There is ktikz (also available in the qtikz version), which seems not only run on Linux/KDE but also on Windows.

Version 0.10 is released. This version is available as an Ubuntu package for Lucid, as a Debian package for Squeeze and as a Windows installer (a patch release 0.10.1 is available). For Linux there are two versions available: KtikZ and QtikZ. KtikZ is integrated with the KDE4 platform, whereas QtikZ has the traditional Qt-only interface.

I personally use latexmk -pdf -pvc to keep recompiling my TikZ diagram file after every saved edit. I use a dedicated file for every diagram which uses the standalone class (which I wrote just for this very purpose). If you use a PDF viewer with auto-reload like evince then the changes are shown directly (after each save). I had issues getting latexmk reloading PDFs in the Adobe Reader.

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