[Tex/LaTex] What package do I need in order to use \psfig{…}


I'm using \documentclass[final]{siamltex} to write a paper. Within the document I'm trying to use a function \psfig. I have used the following syntax successfully in other papers that I have previously written:

\psfig{file=myfile.eps, height=2in, width=2in,}
\caption{This is my caption.}

However, when I use it in this file, I get an undefined control sequence error.
How do I fix it so that it will display my post-script images? Do I need to use a special package? Is there something wrong with my syntax?

Best Answer

The syntax shown in the question is provided by the epsfig package but this in only intended for compatibility for the epsfig and psfig packages for LaTeX2.09 it is not intended for any document produced this century.

The standard way to include graphics in LaTeX2e is


in the preamble and

\includegraphics[height=2in,width=2in, keepaspectratio]{myfile} 

to include the image.

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