[Tex/LaTex] What package allows Elvish in TeX


Anyone who has read The Lord of the Rings will recognise the Elvish script at the top of this page (in the Tengwar alphabet). If this is meant to be an example of what is typesettable in TeX/related software, what package is used to produce it?

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Here's how to do that particular inscription (which is part of the ring inscription, by the way). I happen to know because I recently used it in a diagram!





ring inscription

As you can see, the input method is not particularly intuitive, but then I don't think that there is a particularly intuitive way of entering Elvish script. There are a few different packages on CTAN (search for tengwar). The ones I looked at were:

  • tengwarscript: uses commands as above
  • tengtex: uses an "asciification" of the letters

In all cases, you will need to get hold of the fonts. Searching for tengwar font latex brings up all sorts of options, I think (it was a while ago) that I started looking on this site.

(And just 'coz I can, here's the diagram wherein it was used):

Brunnian rings