[Tex/LaTex] What are the advantages of using version control (git, etc.) in LaTeX documents

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Why would I need to use version control with my LaTeX documents? I know people who do it, and I've seen questions about it on here and on SO, but I haven't understood what value there is to doing it…

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Best Answer

As a single user the main advantages are

  • Automatic backups: If you accidentally delete some file (or part of a file) you can undelete it. If you change something and want to undo it, the VCS can do so.
  • Sharing on multiple computers: VCSes are designed to help multiple people collaboratively edit text files. This makes sharing between multiple computers (say your desktop and laptop) particularly easy. You do not need to bother if you always copied the newest version; the VCS will do that for you. Even if you are offline and change files on both computers, the VCS will merge the changes intelligently once you are online.
  • Version control and branching: Say you published some class notes as a pdf and want to fix some typos in them while simultaneously working on the notes for next year. No problem. And you only need to fix the typos once, the VCS will merge them to the other versions.