[Tex/LaTex] way to use LaTeX in forums that aren’t equipped with it?


I'm writing some math-related stuff for a particular forum, and could really use LaTeX formatting—but the forum itself isn't equipped with LaTeX.

Is there an easy way I can use it anyway? Say, for example, some online editor where I can literally copy/paste LaTeX-formatted pictures into said forum post?

Best Answer

If you can link to images in the particular forum, you can use the CodeCogs LaTeX equation editor, which produces an image, that can also be directly linked.

The image is even produced with a nice URL like https://latex.codecogs.com/png.latex?\sum^{i%3D\infty}_{i%3D0}x_{i}} and produces an image which can be directly embedded (with proper URL encoding for brackets, etc.), as shown below.


To help with the correct URL encoding, you can use many available tools.

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