[Tex/LaTex] Warning: There were multiply-defined labels


I got a "LaTeX Warning: There were multiply-defined labels", and I know what it means but my document is pretty big and it has various files. So, how can I find the multiply-defined label?

I am using TeXShop in MacOS.

This is the whole warning (I believe):

(./Thesis.bbl [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35]) [36] (./Thesis.aux)
LaTeX Warning: There were undefined references.
LaTeX Warning: There were multiply-defined labels.

Best Answer

The log message you quoted is a sort of "summary" of earlier, more detailed warnings, telling you exactly which references are undefined/multiply defined. Scroll up through the log file and you should find more detailed messages that look like the one below:

LaTeX Warning: Label `foo' multiply defined.
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