[Tex/LaTex] Warning: \oval, \circle, or \line size unavailable


I have been trying to have a border for a whole page I am trying to write in LaTeX and I have used the following two lines:


from the package fancybox. It worked well, but I keep getting the warning:

myDocument.tex:70:\oval, \circle, or \line size unavailable on input line 118.

My questions now are:

  • How may I get rid of this warning?
  • How to thicken the border line?
  • How to change its color?

Here is my Latex file

\def\wl{\par \vspace{\baselineskip}}
%%%%%%%%% Background %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


%%%%%%%%%%%%%% FRAME STARTS HERE  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  FRAME STARTS HERE  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Document Starts Here:  %%%%%%%%%%%

 \textbf{\footnotesize {\color{LimeGreen}XXX XXXX\\}}


  \underline{Some words go here}\\
  \large{Something else here}\\





Something else here


Best Answer

The \fancyoval macro of fancybox is responsible for the warning. Its origin is an attempt at overriding a limitation in the \oval macro of picture mode.

However, quarter circles can have only a maximum radius, with the standard picture mode, and this usage of \fancyoval computes a radius bigger than available. Nowadays, pict2e makes \fancyoval less good than \oval that also has an extended syntax (check the documentation). So my advice is to forget about \fancyoval and use \oval directly.

You can also change the color and the line thickness, for instance with


Change the thickess and color to suit.

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