[Tex/LaTex] vim, PDF -XChange, pdflatex, TeX Live 2010, windows xp, (pdfsync)


Hope I didn't forget any. These are the packages I want to use on my computer for typesetting pdf files. Up to date I'm using vim (without any plugin but integrated syntax highlighting for .tex files) in console (cmd.exe) for typing .tex files. Then I close it (:wq), close PDF-XChange tab with typesetted document, issue pdflatex file.tex, open explorer, click on generated .pdf file (anyhow it opens at the page and zoom configuration left in PDF-XChange) check for convenience, close, edit, compile, open, etc.

I would love to skip the "close .pdf file – reopen .pdf file" cycle! Any ideas? Thanks.

Best Answer

I would consider choosing a PDF viewer, which does not lock the PDF file and has a 'reload on change' function. Example: Sumatra. See here: Output viewers for use with LaTeX