[Tex/LaTex] Vertical space between horizontal lines


I have defined a macro for 2 closely spaced horizontal lines,

\rule{\linewidth}{1.5pt} \\[-0.80\baselineskip]%

Now I noticed that when putting it at different places in the text and at different environments, results in a slightly different vertical spacing between them. Is it possible to fix the spacing between them? (regardless of the line spacing in the environment they are inside)


also when defining a linespace in definite units, it still depends on the font. For example:


\rule{\linewidth}{1.5pt} \\[-9pt]%

    \noindent \blindtext

    \small \myline


Best Answer

You can try

  \kern3pt % space above the rules
  \hrule height 1.5pt
  \kern2pt % space between the rules
  \hrule height 0.8pt
  \kern3pt % space below the rules

Change the spacings to suit your needs.