[Tex/LaTex] Vertical orientation landscape page in a PDF output file


I'm using the lscape environment to produce landscape pages in my LaTeX document for pages that have large figures or tables, so that my page numbering is in the right place when it comes to printing etc. However, the \begin{landscape} ... \end{landscape} code has the consequence of putting the landscape pages as landscape in the PDF document, when all the other pages are in the portrait orientation.

Is there a way to have the landscape pages put in the same orientation as the rest of the pages in the document for the PDF output?

\chapter{Title 1}
Text here.
\chapter{Title 2}

The above code outputs to a pdf as shown on the left of the image below, I would like to achieve the output shown on the right.

Many thanks

enter image description here

Best Answer

\usepackage{lscape} - no rotation of the page

\usepackage{pdflscape} - automatic rotation of the page