[Tex/LaTex] Using the parskip package, I find the space between subtitles ugly


I recently started using the parskip package. However, I find the space between the ending of text and the next subtitle too small. Similarly, I find the space between the Subtitle and the subsubtitle too big. Also the space between the subsubtitle and the next text is too big.

What is the most preferred way to change this, remembering I am using the parskip package?

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To get a better version of parskip-like spacing, use a KOMA-Script document class with the parskip option. Assuming you are writing an article or other simple document, just use this:


Then experiment with parksip=half or parskip=full+ and see whether your document looks better. If you want more details read the excellent and detailed (perhaps too detailed :-) KOMA-Script documentation on CTAN.

If you can't or don't want to do that, then you will have to resort to some good old plain TeX. All that the parskip package does is to set the \parskip and \parindent parameters. So you can do this yourself if you want. Try adding these lines to your preamble instead of \usepackage{parskip}:


BUT there are some issues with doing this. First other parts of TeX may make assumptions about the values; in plain TeX for example the \narrower macro assumes that \parindent is positive; or the page breaking algorithm might give you slightly nicer pages if there was some stretchability in the \parskip glue.

Secondly for any serious work, you should think carefully about the typography. With a blank line between paragraphs, you probably want to have the last line of each paragraph reasonably full so you may want to fiddle with \parfillskip as well. And the spacing around your headings and displays may not look so good, so you may want to start customising the headings and the spacing around displays.

At this point you might consider writing your own package.

Or using the nice simple option that KOMA-Script already provides.

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