[Tex/LaTex] using Hoefler Text font under lualatex and MacOSX


I'm having unexpected problems getting the "Hoefler Text" font to work when using LuaLaTeX (under MacTeX2012, all the latest updates installed) on a Mac (MacOS X 10.7.4). The following MWE

\setmainfont{Hoefler Text}
Hello World.

throws the following error message when run under LuaLaTeX:

! fontspec error: "font-not-found"
! The font "HoeflerText" cannot be found.

Oddly, the very same MWE when run under XeLaTeX does not throw an error. The font is present on my Mac, under /Library/Fonts/, with a filename of Hoefler Text.ttc. For what it's worth, this seems to one of very few fonts in this directory with this filename extension (which I believe Apple calls "Truetype font collection"); almost all others have extensions such as .ttf and .otf.

Is there something special about Hoefler Text on a Mac that requires a special font-loading sequence to work under LuaLaTeX?

Addendum: Since first posting this question, I've learned from the comments and answer that this problem appears to affect all fonts stored in .ttc format on a Mac system, not just Hoefler Text.

Best Answer

For some reasons, the font loading mechanism of LuaLaTeX maintains a "black list" for Mac OS X fonts, where all .ttc fonts are inserted; the file is


and its contents is

% Tackes ages to load
LastResort.ttf % a MacOSX font, but also available for free from unicode.org 

% Mac OS X TTC fonts, this list need to be filtered out
/Library/Fonts/Hoefler Text.ttc
/Library/Fonts/STHeiti Medium.ttc
/System/Library/Fonts/STHeiti Light.ttc

You may modify the file, but there's no guarantee that the font will work.

I've found an old thread on the lualatex-dev list that deals with this problem.


Thanks to Mico's for experimenting the issue. The only font that seems to give problem is "LastResort" that should be kept in the black list.


sudo nano /usr/local/texlive/2012/texmf-dist/tex/luatex/luaotfload/otfl-blacklist.cnf

and putting a % in front of each line after

% Mac OS X TTC fonts, this list need to be filtered out

followed by a call of


will make all .ttc fonts available for LuaLaTeX.

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