[Tex/LaTex] Using animate in beamer with multiple eps pictures


I have a set of 23 pictures that, when combined, give a nice animation. But I don't want to make 23 separate frames for it.

I read that there is an option using the animate package but I can't seem to find any example where I could see how to do that (the official animate PDF isn't helping 🙁 ).

Could someone make a MWE so that I could see how to do that?

Best Answer

Answering the unanswered. Here is the code directly from the manual of animate package as Alexander Grahn pointed out earlier (being the author of the package it seems :). I assume that you images are named image##.jpg where the numbers run from 1 to 23 and you want them to play at the fps rate 10


should do the trick. Please read the manual for further tweaks.

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