[Tex/LaTex] Use the beta variant


Is it possible to use the curled beta: ϐ (U+03D0) in a formula?

There are variants available for \epsilon, \theta, \phi, \rho, \sigma and \phi with \varepsilon, \vartheta, etc… but there is no \varbeta. Why is that?

Best Answer

You can with XeLaTeX and the mathspec package:

\setmathfont(Greek){Cambria Math}

$\alpha^2 + \varbeta^2 =\gamma^2$

sample code output

Here Cambria Math can be replaced by any font on your filesystem that supports this character. Fileformat.info has a list of all known fonts supporting it and a list of locally installed fonts that support it.

As egreg notes, you can also do it with the unicode-math package:

\setmathfont[math-style=TeX]{Cambria Math}
$\alpha^2 + \varbeta^2 =\gamma^2$
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