[Tex/LaTex] Use CSS-style color specifications in xcolor


I have colors on my website #eff5f9 and #dfecf7. I would like to also use them in a latex document. Is there a way to use such hexadecimal specifications with xcolor?

I've tried to read the xcolor manual, and I'm fairly convinced it was written to be as unhelpful as possible. Googling does not reveal any simple xcolor tutorials.

Best Answer

According to http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Colors#Color_Models you can simply use \definecolor{orange}{HTML}{FF7F00} to define colors using a CSS-style hexadecimal notation. If you simply want to use a CSS-style color instead of defining a new named one, you can use \color[HTML]{FF7F00}.

Also, for solutions using the HTML color encoding to work, you must include the xcolor package.

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