[Tex/LaTex] URL of cited web site in bibliography


I am using natbib with the chicago style as bibliography style.
I am trying to cite a web site, but in the bibliography the URL (given in the BibTeX entry) is not printed.

Is there a simple solution to this matter?
What am I doing wrong?

ok, as a little example (the entries are generated via Mendeley)

  author = {Carlson, Nicholas},
  booktitle = {Businessinsider.com},
  title = {{How Many Users Does Twitter REALLY  Have?}},
  url = {www.businessinsider.com/chart-of-the-day-how-many-users-does-twitter-really-have-2011-31/3},
  year = {2011}

and the output in chicago-style looks like this:

Carlson, N. (2011). How Many Users Does Twitter REALLY Have?

Best Answer

The style chicago provides the following entries:

address    author    booktitle      chapter
edition    editor    howpublished   institution
journal    key       month          note
number     organization             pages
publisher  school    series         title
type       volume    year

You see there is no entry url. To use one you can use the entry note:



To find which entries will be supported by a bibliography style you can open the relevant bibliography file. The extension of such a file is bst. To find the file on your computer use the command kpsewhich:

marco@marco-linux:~$ kpsewhich chicago.bst

To open the file via the terminal you can use in Ubuntu:

gedit `kpsewhich chicago.bst`

on a Mac:

open `kpsewhich chicago.bst`

In the file you find all provided entries in the following structure at the beginning of the file:

  { address

An example:

  author = {Carlson, Nicholas},
  booktitle = {Businessinsider.com},
  title = {{How Many Users Does Twitter REALLY  Have?}},
  note = {\url{www.businessinsider.com/chart-of-the-day-how-many-users-does-twitter-really-have-2011-31/3}},
  year = {2011}

The example uses the package hyperref to provide the command \url. Instead you can use the package url.

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