[Tex/LaTex] Updating MikTeX fails: “Windows API error 5: Acces denied.”


I've been using the "basic stuff" from LaTeX for slightly more than a year for university, but now I try to use a template from LaTeX Templates. When I try to compile the downloaded TeX file, I get a lot of (fatal) error messages because the packages which should be used can't be found, e.g.,

file 'lettrine.sty' not found

I use Texmaker and MiKTeX and found out I had to update MiKTeX, but when I want to update, I get an error message from the update wizard:

The operation could not be completed for the following reason: Windows API error 5: Acces denied. Details: C:
Can anyone help?

Best Answer

As per question *.sty file not found, question media9.sty not found and How often do I have to synchronize MikTeX?, you should try these things:

  1. Load the package manager as administrator and try to download the package

  2. Refresh the FNBD

  3. Synchronize MikTeX

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