[Tex/LaTex] Typesetting sequence notation


I attempted to create a sequence both of the following ways:



Is there a way to get the vertical spacing of the first with the horizontal spacing of the second?enter image description here

Best Answer

Here's an alternative. It provides left-alignment of the super/subscripts.

EDIT: In an effort to answer the OP's question, "Is there a way to get it so that the limits are left aligned with the horizontal midpoint of the close paren in automatic fashion?" The answer is yes. Here it is:

\parskip 1.5ex
$(x_j\specparen{j=1}{\infty} = y$

$(x_j\specparen{j=1}{j=\infty} = y$

Here is with \Krn set to 0ex (which truly sets the sub/superscript midpoint to the center of the right paren):

enter image description here

and here it is with \Krn set to 1ex (which does a controllable rightward shift of the sub/superscript):

enter image description here