[Tex/LaTex] Two-column LaTeX class for a photobook


I am looking for a solution to produce a two-column(ed) LaTeX-based photobook. Text and comments should go on the outer column (in a two-sided document)–something like a wide outer margin. Photos (along with their optional captions) should be placed in the inner column (which will be wider than the "text"-column).

Very important detail: the idea is to have landscape pages, wide enough to present photos that can be actually seen.

As an extra, the class should be compatible with some kind of a thumb-index for the chapters, placed on the outer side of the page, from top to bottom, counting from the first to the last chapter.

Should I start scratching my own class (or layout for LyX)?

Best Answer

The important issues to handle for such a project would be the handling of floats. Normally photo books or similar documents do not have a large amount of words and if you use floats and marginpars, the text will certainly end up in the wrong place.

enter image description here

I would first choose a few page designs and then use minipages or better TeX vbox and hbox primitives to position them and work macros around them. Martin's adjustbox package might also come handy here, i.e., you need to build the two columns, rather than use the marginpar area or a two-column layout.

The layout above was achieved using such a macro:


I haven't used your dimensions for the page geometry but you can vary the sizes in the minimal that follows. Add fonts and style to suit your requirements.

\newfont{\HUGE}{cmr17 at 96pt}
  \pdfpageheight 7.5in 
  \pdfpagewidth 9.625in


\put(-0.625,0){\framebox(6.2,7.25){\HUGE \textcolor{purple}{A}}}
\put(5.875,5.625){\parbox[t]{15em}{\Huge \noindent LITTLE GIFT\linebreak
\raggedright FOR LITTLE\linebreak
{\small \sc by}\\
{\footnotesize Author of ``Myths of TeX''}\\
\vspace*{18.5 ex}
DOHA\phantom{ZZZZZ,}\hfill\raisebox{0.5ex}{$\bullet$}\hfill THE CAMEL\linebreak
QATAR\hfill\raisebox{0.5ex}{$\bullet$}\hfill PRESS
{\em Copyright, $\mit 2011$}\\
{\sc By the Little Girl \& Company}\\
{\em All rights reserved}\\
{\sc A little story book}\\
{\sc for a little girl}\\
Made in the wild.
                           {\scriptsize FOR}\\
                {\large \bf Li, Mary and John}\\
                   {\footnotesize AND THE REST\\
                     OF THE WORLD'S\\



\addpicture{children-03.jpg}{\ldots and on the other side of the world in the Land of the Moon Wi Li was sleeping \ldots}


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