[Tex/LaTex] \triangleleft and \bowtie


I want to redefine the command \triangleleft so that it always has the color green:


When I use the command $\bowtie$, it complains "Missing { inserted." It is because \bowtie is defined based on \triangleleft? In that case, is there a fix?

Best Answer

IMHO it is not a good idea to re-define it. But if you have a reason for that: \bowtie is defined robustly as

\mathrel \triangleright \joinrel \mathrel \triangleleft

So you can do the following:






\[A\oldtriangleleft B\]
\[A\triangleleft B\]
\[A\bowtie B\]


Notice that I put the new \triangleleft inside \mathbin to make it a binary operator, conserving the spacing of the original one.

enter image description here

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