[Tex/LaTex] \topsep, \itemsep, \partopsep, \parsep – what do they each mean (and what about the bottom)


The enumitem package documentation says:

\topsep, \itemsep, \partopsep, \parsep?

Ok, it doesn't quite say that, but it also doesn't illustrate what these dimensions mean. Can I get a diagram with what each of these means? And what's the equivalent of \bottomsep?

Best Answer

The book by Leslie Lamport, LaTeX: a document preparation system (1994) has a figure like the one you asked for on page 113, which explains, among other things, that the vertical space at the bottom of a list is always the same as the space at the top. The latter depends on the circumstances, namely, on whether the list was or was not started in vertical mode.

This is the corresponding figure in “The LaTeX Companion”

enter image description here

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