[Tex/LaTex] Too many unprocessed floats with marginpar


I'm updating my CV, which is written by modifying this template. I have always been very happy with the result, but now I'm getting a Too many unprocessed floats error.

For those who do not want to have a look at the template, it basically works like this. In the preamble I have a command

\newcommand{years}[1]{\marginpar{\scriptsize #1}}

which one then uses like

\years[2005]Blah blah...
\years[2007]Blah blah blah..

The problem is, when I insert the 10th item, I get the Too many unprocessed floats error.

Inserting a clearpage is not an option, since it would just leave half page empty. Also, doing a major change to the CV, like switching to another template or using a CV class is not an option either. I have tried many different ways to write my CV; it always takes time to switch, and I need to compile it soon. Moreover I'm very happy with this template.

Is there a way to increase the number of floats that LaTeX can handle?

Best Answer

The package morefloats doubles the number of floats that can be handled.