[Tex/LaTex] Title does not appear when LaTeX code is compiled


I use Texmaker 4.0.1 to write LaTeX code. I have written the following code:

some text

I saved it with the name test.tex and compiled it with pressing F6 -> F6 -> F2 -> F9 in succession. When I press F7 (View PDF) I see no title in the pdf but only "some text" that is, title does not appear.

Later, I have written the following code and saved it with name test1.tex:

\title{some title}

When I compile it pressing F6 -> F6 -> F2 -> F9 in succession, the following message appears,

test1.dvi -> test1.pdf ** ERROR ** Could not open specified DVI file: test1.dvi Output file removed.

And neither dvi or pdf file is made.

I use Miktex 2.9 on Windows 7.

Best Answer

To make a title you need \maketitle where you want the title to appear.(\title, \author just save the information for use by \maketitle)

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