[Tex/LaTex] Tikz organigram

tikz-pgfvertical alignment

How can I align the nodes of the following tikz organigram?

\usepackage[margin=0.5cm, hmargin=0.5cm,vmargin=0.5cm]{geometry}
\begin{tikzpicture}[auto, node distance = 1cm, thick,
every node/.style = {rectangle, font = \sffamily, white,  
top color = blue!90!black, bottom color = blue!60!black,
text width = 3.5cm, align = center, minimum height = 1cm}]
\node (MAN) {\textbf{Adam Smith}\\CEO};
\node (PROD) [below left = 5cm of MAN] {\textbf{John Doe}};
\node (FIN)     [below = 3cm of MAN]  {\textbf{Steve Sanders}};
\node (RRHH) [below right = 5cm of MAN] {\textbf{Mike Donovan}};
\draw [blue,thick]
 (MAN) -- (FIN)
 (MAN) -| (PROD)
 (MAN) -| (RRHH);

I tried to modify the node distance and the node position but they never align properly, the position is never at the same level and the separation between the levels and the nodes is very wide.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Best Answer

Although you are loading the trees library, you are not formatting the diagram as a tree. However, doing so would avoid the need to position everything manually and draw the lines in separately.

I'm especially fond of Forest, a TikZ-based package for drawing trees, but you could also do this with the standard trees library or tikz-qtree or whatever.

Here's an annotated example:

\usepackage[edges]{forest}% load the edges library so we can use forked edges for the tree
  for tree={% apply to entire tree
    edge={thick, draw=blue},% lines blue and thick
    % TikZ keys will be passed through so we can use all the usual styling stuff
    font=\sffamily\bfseries,% default is bold
    text=white,% white text
    top color=blue!90!black,
    bottom color=blue!60!black,
    text width=35mm,
    text centered,
    minimum height=10mm,
    l sep'=20mm,% spread out the levels a bit
    s sep'=10mm,% spread out the siblings a bit
  forked edges,% lines should be squared off: down-acroos-down rather than the default which is as-the-eagle-flies
  % tree specification - notice how concisely the tree can be specified ...
  [Adam Smith\\\textmd{CEO}% override bold default for second line
    [John Doe]
    [Steve Sanders]
    [Mike Donovan]

Forest version