[Tex/LaTex] Three dots instead of \ldots


When writing the TeX-codes we often use the 6-symbols \ldots command. It should be more comfortable to type merely three dots … instead. Just the same as for TeX-parsing the minus symbols – or — or —. So I wonder, is it possible reprogram internal TeX understanding the triple … into the \ldots-command. Of course the single/double dots . and .. should be of the standard meaning.

Best Answer

It is pointless to define \def\...: if you want to redefine \. just use \renewcommand\.{\ldots} or some such. (so the use is just two characters \.) As noted in comments this will break any use of the dot accent. Using an alternative form for dot accent isn't really possible as inputenc uses \. in its definition of accented characters, so if you want to redefine \. without breaking the accent you would have to change the encoding definition for every encoding that includes characters with that accent.

By far the best course is to use the existing \ldots or \dots commands, or use utf8 encoding and use the ellipsis character (U+2026 ) directly.