[Tex/LaTex] the opposite to “only marks” option in PGFPlots


For some application I generate a bunch of plots automatically from a script, that means that sometimes I issue contradictory options to pgfplots objects because one is the default (within the script), for example

\addplot[red, ...bla..., blue]{ ... }
\addplot[mark=*, ...bla..., mark=+]{ ... }

Fortunately, pgfplots overwrites previous settings in order. In this occasion however, the default is "only marks" (which makes the plot not to have joining lines),

What would be option to overwrite "only marks"?

For example

\addplot[only marks, ...bla..., draw_lines_please]{ ... }

and makes the plot actually have joining lines by overwriting the first "only marks". (draw_lines_please replaces the option that I am looking for). (If there is one) What is the name of such option?

(I guess the question also applies in the case where only marks is the global pgfplots option, but the question is specific for the case above)

Best Answer

To reactivate drawing lines between the coordinates, use the key sharp plot (which is the standard plot type):

enter image description here


    legend entries={only marks,{only marks, sharp plot}},
    legend pos=outer north east,
\addplot [cyan, only marks] {rnd};
\addplot [orange, only marks, sharp plot] {rnd};