[Tex/LaTex] the Latex convention for sign function?


What is the correct type for sign(x)(signum function)?
I'm using:


Is that correct or should I be using "sgn" instead?

Best Answer

Whether you use “sign” or “sgn” is a style issue which your intended publisher can answer, not us. That said, you probably want to use AMSMath’s \DeclareMathOperator not \newcommand; see newcommand vs. DeclareMathOperator:

Depending on the value of $\sign x$, $y$ will take the following values:

(On the other hand, see \DeclareMathOperator won't take arguments for times to use \newcommand, and how best to do so. As noted there, if you do define your own commands, use \operatorname not \text to format the name.)