[Tex/LaTex] “The LaTeX Companion”, 3rd Edition


I have just realized that "The LaTeX Companion" is published in it's 3rd edition: https://www.amazon.com/LaTeX-Companion-Techniques-Computing-Typesetting/dp/0134658949

However, it is not available from Amazon, it seems. How can I purchase the 3rd edition?

Best Answer

The (publishing) world is a bit strange in this regard. Sometimes internal tentive dates end up in xls sheets that in turn end up in places like Amazon and become real before they are. The 3rd edition is still being worked on and my plans/hopes is to be ready for copy-editing early next year, i.e. February timeframe. From that point on it will still take several months until publication date, so summer 2022 is what I think is realistic.

And just to prove that "something" is happening here are the latest draft covers (from December 2021):

enter image description hereenter image description here

They aren't the final ones but we are getting closer.

Update July 2022

We are now in the middle of copy editing and proof reading by the publisher (as well as preparing the final index). Volume I is essentially done, but finishing Volume II + index will take us to January in the current schedule. In other words my optimistic assumption above was simply too optimistic: I should have done the math and figured out how much work it is to copy-edit 20 chapters, each of which with an average of 80-90 pages.

Somebody asked below if a TOC is available. The answer is yes, here are the TOCs for both volumes: