[Tex/LaTex] the difference in citing/referencing with or without tilde


I've seen examples referencing a table as follows:

Table~\ref{table:overview} shows an overview of all the elements.

What is the use of the tilde in front of \ref or \cite and when do you have to apply it?

Best Answer

The tilde ~ is an unbreakable space, i.e. the line will never be broken at this position. If you write Table~\ref{...} the table number generated by \ref will always be on the same line as Table, which is the preferable formatting. Having "Table" at the end of a line and then "1" at the beginning of the next simply looks bad.

The tilde is also used in names if they include a title, like Dr.~Faust, which will also ensure that the "Dr." and the name is not broken between two lines, and also ensures that the . is not taken as a full-stop, which usually produces a larger space after it.

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