[Tex/LaTex] TeXworks ‘search and find’ window


When I used the included TeXworks in texlive 2014, then whenever I did a search (Ctrl+F in Windows) for a character string in my .tex file, then the top section of my window would display all the hits for said string. With TeXworks in texlive 2015, this no longer happens. Now whenever I do a search, it just takes me straight to the next instance of that string. I can't find any setting that will allow me to change this behavior and let me see that top window again. Does anyone know?

Best Answer

When one invokes the Find function (with CTL-F) in TeXworks, a window pops up

enter image description here

One of the boxes that can be checked is Find all occurrences. If that box is not checked, the search will just take you to the next occurrence in the file. If that box is checked, it will bring up the window that displays all hits for the entered string.

Given the number of settings in that window, it is easy to "glaze over" and miss the particular one to which I draw attention.

The setting is "persistent", by which I mean that once you check or uncheck the box, all your future searches retain that setting, until you change it again.

My guess, in the OP's case is that the default (installation) setting for the search mode was NOT to find all occurrences, so the OP merely need to check that box the next time find is invoked, and should be good to go.