[Tex/LaTex] texworks can’t find tensor.sty


! LaTeX Error: File 'tensor.sty' not found.

however, it is there, in:


along with an army of other similar files..

I'm using ubuntu..

..looks like I can get around the problem by putting:

in the command-line of texworks where it asks for it.. but that isn't a real solution..

Best Answer

I had the same problem. It appears that your install is too minimalistic. You are missing the package texlive-math-extra, as shown by this command

$ dpkg-query -L texlive-math-extra | grep tensor.sty



You need

# apt-get install texlive-math-extra

While we are at it, consider

# apt-get install texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-fonts-extra texlive-math-extra texlive-latex-recommended texlive-latex-extra

Take a look at packages that start with texlive- and see what is good. If you run into further problems check what packages it could be in (dkpg-query the suspected package with the file) and you don't have installed.

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