[Tex/LaTex] Textual subscript in math mode


I want to put some short words in certain subscripts when I am in math mode, for example:

\[W_{total} = \sum{W_i}\]

but I think LaTeX understands this as the product of t, o, t, a and l.

Is in any case this way the right way, or is there any other one?

By the way, I have tried


but it is not fine for me. (A bit ugly) Forget that.

Best Answer

What you have tried is the right way. You can simplify it slightly and play with other fonts:

$$ W_\textrm{total} = \sum_i W_i $$

To make it prettier I'd suggest to think about the use of variables and indices in your work. For example, you could reserve W (without index) for the total which is the sum of w_i (lowercase w). This way you can avoid long subscripts.

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