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I know a lot of these questions have been answered but I still can't get this to work. So I am trying to put Languages and Computer Skills on the same line as shown in the picture. "Languages" I managed to place on the same line to the right by adding \hfill. However, trying to add language skills to the right of "Basic" "Intermediate" and "Advanced" don't work. By work I mean they skip to the next line or don't align with "Basic" etc.

Here is the code:

\spacedlowsmallcaps{Computer Skills}\vspace{2em}\hfill\spacedlowsmallcaps{Languages}

\Description{\MarginText{Basic}\textsc{SQL}, VBA}

\Description{\MarginText{Intermediate}\LaTeX, OpenOffice, Eviews}

\Description{\MarginText{Advanced}\textsc{Microsoft Office}}

P.S my Latex skills are not intermediate (obviously), it came with the package I downloaded.


enter image description here

Edit: I have now managed to do this:

enter image description here

With the following coding:

\spacedlowsmallcaps{Computer     Skills}\vspace{2em}\hfill\spacedlowsmallcaps{Languages}

\Description{\MarginText{Basic}\textsc{SQL}, VBA\hfill\textsc{Swedish}\ \ $\cdotp$\ \ \ \textsc{Native}}

\Description{\MarginText{Intermediate}\LaTeX, OpenOffice, Eviews\hfill\textsc{English}\ \ $\cdotp$\ \ \ \textsc{Fluent}}

\Description{\MarginText{Advanced}\textsc{Microsoft Office}\hfill\textsc{Spanish}\ \ $\cdotp$\ \ \ \textsc{Basic}}

However I would like them to be centered around the dot

Packages and document:

\hypersetup{colorlinks, breaklinks, urlcolor=Blue, linkcolor=Blue} 
\newcommand{\NewEntry}[3]{\noindent\hangindent=2em\hangafter=0 \parbox{\datebox}{\small \textit{#1}}\hspace{0em} #2 #3

Best Answer

as mentioned in the comments above, you are looking for a tabular like formatting with four columns.

Unfortunately, you didn't tell us, which class and packages you are using in this case. Those \Descriptioncommands are not the basic LaTeX, I'd say.

Nevertheless, you should do fine, with a tabular

\multicolumn{2}{@{}c}{\textsc{Computer Skills}} 
& \multicolumn{2}{c@{}}{\textsc{Languages}}\\
Basic & VBA, SQL & Swedish & nativ \\
Intermediate & \LaTeX{}, Openoffice, Eviva & English & fluent\\
Advanced & MS Office & Spanish & Basic

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