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beamerhorizontal alignment

I make a presentation using LaTeX. But I have a slide with picture and text and I want a text to be aligned to the right. How to do this?


\begin{block}{Подпрограма Solver}

\item Изпълнява се n -- пъти; \\ 
\item $\overline{F}(\varphi) = -\varphi \, '' + \sin \varphi - \gamma$; \\
  \item $\varepsilon$ -- стоп--критерий. \\

\tikzstyle{my loop}=[->,to path={
.. controls +(300:1) and +(560:1) .. (\tikztotarget) \tikztonodes}]


\path (0, 0) node(a) [ellipse, draw] {$\varphi_0$};
\path (0, -1) node(b) [rectangle, draw] {$\varphi^n = \varphi^{n-1} + \tau_n \cdot     w^n$};
\path (0, -3) node(c) [diamond, draw] {$\| \overline{F}(\varphi^n) \| < \varepsilon$};
\path (6, -3) node(d) [rectangle, draw] {Продължаваме (получили сме решение)};

\draw[->] (a) to (b);
\draw[->] (b) to (c);
\draw[->] (c) to node[above] {да} (d);
\draw[->] (c) to (0, -5) node[right] {не} to (-2.5, -5) to (-2.5, 0) to (a);


Best Answer

You can try \hfill.

\hfill Right aligned text

should do what you want.

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