[Tex/LaTex] TexStudio and TexMaker crash due to SIGSEGV


Suddenly my TexStudio installation keeps crashing 'due to SIGSEGV'. It happens as soon as I try and make a new document from a template, or on the second run and compile. Curiously, the first run and compile works, but the second hangs and eventually crashes 'due to SIGSEGV'.

I've tried the following:

  • Reinstall TexStudio 2.8.6
  • Uninstall and install TexStudio 2.8.4
  • Install TexMaker. TexMaker behaves in the same way.
  • Use another editor. TexShop works fine (I just don't like it and want TexStudio back!)
  • Restart computer
  • Reinstall full MacTex package

Any ideas?


Best Answer

It appears to be an issue with 10.10.2. I downgraded to 10.10 and all issues have been resolved!

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