[Tex/LaTex] TexShop 3.57 preview pdf problem (Mac OsX El Capitan)


I have been using TexShop without any problems for a few years now.
Recently I updated to MacOS X El Capitan and LateX stopped working; I reinstalled MacTex and followed the instructions available online to fix the issues with this version of OSX and it seemed that everything was working again (in a sense it does).

However, when I use TexShop, I often encounter the following problems:

  1. After sometime of normal usage, when I compile my document to generate my PDF, the preview of TexShop shows blank pages, although the PDF generated is fine when I open it with an external app. Compiling again or trying different documents does not work and I have to restart the application.

  2. Once in a while it crashes and I have to force quit and restart TexShop; seems that this tends to happen when I scroll down in the preview of my document.

I do have the latest version of TexShop.

Any help appreciated.

Best Answer

It seems that these problems have been fixed by the latest update of TexShop, so the question is no longer relevant.

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