[Tex/LaTex] texmaker overwrites file that was externally modified


I noticed that if I have a file open in texmaker and then change the file using a different program (or, e.g., the file is shared via Dropbox and someone else makes changes), then texmaker will automatically overwrite the new version with its latest copy.

In similar situations with an editor like vim, vim will detect that the file has changed and ask me if I want to keep the old copy from vim or reload with the new file. This is the kind of behavior I want from texmaker.

Can I make texmaker give me the choice of reloading with the new file instead of silently overwriting the new file with its old copy?

Best Answer

Since TeXstudio is based on TeXmaker this solution could apply also.

You can see below the option to do what you want. Go to Options menu and then Configure.

Note the Show advanced options selected on the left bottom corner.

enter image description here