[Tex/LaTex] Texliveonfly is not relocatable so it isn’t being installed by tlmgr


I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and I want to be able to use texliveonfly with Texmaker. However when I use sudo tlmgr install texliveonflyI get an error saying it's not relocatable and hence I cannot install it in usermode. Please suggest some way to solve this problem. I'm new to LaTeX so please be detailed with your answers. Thanks.

Best Answer

As mentioned in the comments, tlmgr in Debian/Ubuntu switches automatically into user mode. This is also issued every time tlmgr is started.

In user mode, only packages that are located completely in texmf-dist can be installed, since there is no way to know where to install binaries/scripts.

A future version of tlmgr might cater to this, but this is far from complete.

Solutions are now as follows:

  • ask the sysadm to install all of TeX Live and by this also the requested script,
  • install upstream TeX Live locally in your home directory
  • download the texonthefly package and copy the files manually into TEXMFHOME and the scripts into ~/bin

Hope that helps